The Sacred Hero of the Yi Sun-Shin Festival in Asan is designated as a national culture festival. The festival will include all kinds of educational and cultural events. It will always be with the people and include a number of unique items. It will be sublimated into history. When the story-based festival was first tried in Korea, The Sacred Hero Yi Sun-Shin Festival in Asan, the culture and tourism festival was deeply rooted into history. It is held near the birthday, April 28, of Admiral Yi every year. It is a great performance that is held to commemorate Admiral Yi¨s patriotism and his love for the people to save a country from a crisis. The renovated educational experience-oriented program provides a variety of items for your appreciation. The story about Admiral Yi, from his childhood to his accomplishments as a great commander and his designation as a hero, are illustrated. Asan, the hometown of patriotism, the city of tourism and hot spring and the city of glory, hosts the Sacred Hero Yi Sun-Shin Festival. Its culture and art festival is shared with all the people in Korea each year around April 28, the birthday of Admiral Yi. The festival starts with the delivery of a water presentation from Gwangeumpo. This was in the south sea where Admiral Yi died on April 24. On April 28, the Daryehaengje, which are sacrificial rituals in the memorial shrine. A variety of events including, the kite flying competition for memorizing the tactical secretes of Admiral Yi and the representation of military service examination are also held. There are various things for tourists to see. Citizens are provided for and a unity event, that everyone can join, is enjoy is deployed.

Period: Ever year between the end of April and the early May .
Venue: The Memorial Shrine

Festival History
1961: Hosted the 1st Onyang Culture Festival that was organized by the Onyang Culture Center.
1962: Hosted a festival that was organized by the Asan-Gun Government with the support of the educational     committee.
1982: Financial support came only from the Onyang Municipal Government after the Onyang-Eup was       elevated to a city
1992: Financial support came jointly from the Onyang Municipal Government and the Asan-Gun           Government. The title was changed to the Onyang-Asan Culture Festival.
1995: Financial support from the Asan Government after the city and gun was merged.
1988: The title was changed to The Onyang Culture Festival on Feb. 25, 1998. It hosted for the country the      festival of the 400th anniversary of the death of Admiral Yi.
2001: Ordinances for the 40th Onyang Culture Festival Committee were established.
2002: The 41st Onyang Culture Festival commenced. The preliminary culture and tourism festival was        designated by the central government.
2003: The 42nd Onyang Culture Festival commenced. The preliminary culture and tourism festival was        designated by the central government.
2004: The title was changed to ^The Sacred Hero Yi Sun-Shin Festival in Asan. ̄ The culture and tourism       festival was designated by the central government.

Main events

The Yi Sun-Shin Performance.
The special entertainers dressed like the Admiral Yi and circulated in predefined areas at predefined time. They spent time with the visitors. The visitors dressed in admiral costumes and the soldiers could get around inside the festival venue.

The Banishment Parade of Yi Sun-Shin

A series of procedures with the convicts moving on ox-carts from the execution grounds to the place of exile during the Joseon Dynasty is curtailed and presented. Admiral Yi, who was dishonored, gets on an ox-cart moved by military officers, warders and common soldiers.

The Geobukseon Parade
The parade is effectively organized using: the peasants¨ musical instrument team, the military band, the vehicles and the entertainers. It is performed during day rather than at night. Then a practical parade is presented. After that the Geobukseon model is set in the festival venue to enable visitors to take pictures.

The Representation of Military Service Examination
There are about 20 staff members, that include special entertainers and volunteers that present the military service examination event. Visitors enjoy the festival better because there are more things to see. This induces visitors to the festival. There are humorous and dramatic elements that enhance the visitors¨ satisfaction.

The Outdoor Yi Sun-Shin Performance
The Yi Sun-Shin performance presents the stories related to Admiral Yi. The story about Mrs. Byeon, Admiral Yi `s mother, not only relates to the birth of Admiral Yi, but a variety of affairs that Admiral Yi experienced when he was a boy as a filial son as well. These are all organized in the performance. The performance of the Noryang Naval Battle, where the Admiral Yi, died presents a story about Admiral Yi and The Geobukseon.