::: The Onyang Hot Spring
Its Origin
The Onyang Hot Spring, which is located near Oncheon-Dong, has the longest history in Korea. There are records indicating that it has existed around1, 300 years, through Baekje and Unified Silla Age. During the Goryeo Dynasty it was called ¡°Onsu-Gun.¡± It seems that it has been about 600 years since The Onyang Hot Spring has played a role as a hot spring. Several kings during the Joseon Dynasty, which including: King Sejong, King Sejo, King Hyeonjong, King Sukjong, King Yeongjo and King Jeongjo built hot spring palaces and stayed there while treating their diseases. This resulted in a number of relics that were related to royal excursions being left behind.
Its Ingredients The geographical features comprise of a single biotite and hornblende granite. It¡¯s a hot temperature spring. The temperature of the gushing spring is around 59¡É. The main ingredient of the water is radium spring that contains manitaon. The weak alkali water boasts good quality and there is an abundant volume of water that gushes.
The Effects: A variety of adult diseases, which include: neuralgia, arthritis, dermatitis, gastroenterological ailments, hypertension and skin beauty.
The Accommodations: Onyang Tourists¡¯ Hotel : 82-041-545-2141
Silla Hotel : 82-041-549-7600
Onyang Grand Hotel : 082-041-543-9711 website: http://www.grand-hotel.co.kr/new/index.php
Interpark Tourists¡¯ Hotel : 82-041-542-6000
Hyatt Hotel : 82-041-549-4415
The Restaurants: The Dongshin Chamchi : 82?041-544-8837 specialty: raw tuna
The Cheonsumyeon Ok Sutbulgalbi : 82-534-5566 specialty: ribs
The Dongwon Ilsik: 82-549-1788 specialty: Japanese food
The Rich House: 82-542-1197 specialty: lean meat including short ribs and lobster
The Siin gwa Chonjang (Poet and Village Chief): 82-541-8667 specialty: regular meals
Transportation: Bus: Express Bus to Asan (Onyang) and a cross country bus runs every 30 minutes
Car: Gyeongbu Expressway: Cheonan Interchange ? To Asan (Onyang Hot Spring) about 20km ? Western Coast Expressway: about 25 minutes from Seopyeongtaek Interchange towards Asan (Onyang Hot Spring)
::: The Dogo Hot Spring
Its Origin
Since the Silla Dynasty, The Dogu Hot Spring has been well known. The hot spring was developed about 200 years ago. The current hot spring is a cold mineral spring that has that water warmed for use. The water temperature is kept around 25¡É. The water quality is a simple sulfur spring. It is one of the four sulfur springs in Asia
Its Ingredients The hydrogen ion concentration reaches 8.7. The solid remnants include: sodium, calcium, magnesium and silicic acid.
The Effects: The water is absorbed into the body as ions either by drinking it or getting a massage. It then activates the metabolism and physiological functions of the body. It is very effective for: neuralgia, arthritis, gastroenterological ailments, dermatitis, rheumatism, women¡¯s diseases, diabetes, diseases that relate to the genital organs, the digestive system and skin beauty.
The Accommodations:  The Dogo Green Hotel of Daewoo Engineering and Construction: 82-041-544-7766
The Paradise Hotel: 82-041-542-6031 website: http://www.paradisehoteldogo.co.kr/kr/Main/
The Tovice Condominium: 041-541-5432 website: http://www.etovice.com/condo_direct_dogo.html
The Surrounding Facilities There are, two hotels, three condominiums and about 10 models. There are various facilities, which include a public bath, a sauna and a youth pool. The Dogo Hot Spring is equipped as the best hot spring and recreation place. It includes, The Dogo Golf Course and a riding and swimming pool
The Restaurants: The Haejil Muryeop : 82-546-4384 specialty: regular meals
The Samcheongap Sikdang : 82-541-4849 specialty: sea toad stew
The Mansu Garden: 82-544-0860 specialty: sirloin
The Hyangchon: 82-542-2029 specialty:duck stew
Transportation: Public transportation: bus- Use the direct bus from Onyang to Yesan
Train- Janghang Line Train directly run from Seoul to Dogo
Car: Gyeongbu Expressway * Cheonan Tollgate * about 20km to Asan *National Road No. 21 to Asan * About 15km * The Dogo Hot Spring.
Western Coast Expressway: Songak Interchange * Sea Wall of Sapgyoho * Hyundai Motor * about 16km * Dogo Hot Spring
::: The Asan Hot Spring
Its Origin

  It was found in 1987 and was designated as a tourist attraction in1991. It¡¯s located in Sinsu-Ri Eumbong-Myeon, Asan.
Its Ingredients Alkali spring water including deuterated sodium. About 20 kinds of abundant ingredients beneficial to the human body.
The Effects: The effects include: the activation of blood circulation, the activation of cell regeneration, neuralgia, arthritis, gastroenterological ailments, hypertension, paralysis and skin beauty. It is a multi-purpose hot spring because of the exuberant forest. You can enjoy bathing in the forest.
The Accommodations:   The Asan Hot Spring Hotel : 82-041-541-5526 website: http://www.asanonchon.co.kr/
The Spavis: 82-041-539-2080 website: http://www.spavis.co.kr/
The Auxiliary Facilities of The Spavis   It is mentioned with pride that The Spavis is the first and largest hot spring facility that focuses on health and recuperation in Korea. It includes a bade pool that is equipped with 7 to 8 aquatic therapy systems. This bade pool helps aid: stiff shoulders, muscle pain, body massages, the enhancing of waist and foot muscles. There is also a herb medicine clinic and a health restaurant as well as other health improvement facilities onsite. The outdoor hot spring pool is available during all seasons. It includes: a female and male bathing center, a family pool, an item pool, a jasmine pool, a cave pool and an event pool. The event pool introduces the hot spring culture of a new concept.
The Restaurants: The Haejil Muryeop : 82-546-4384 specialty: regular meals
The Samcheongap Sikdang : 82-541-4849 specialty: sea toad stew
The Mansu Garden: 82-544-0860 specialty: sirloin
The Hyangchon: 82-542-2029 specialty:duck stew
Transportation: Bus: The local bus frequently runs from the front of Samsung Securities in downtown Asan to The Asan Hot Spring. It takes about 20 minutes.
Car: Gyeongbu Expressway: Pyeongtaek Interchange ? National Road No. 45 (20km) * Three-Way Junction at Eumbong-Myeon* 1.5km * The Asan Hot Spring.
Western Coast Expressway: Seopyeongtaek Interchange * Asan Bay Sea Wall * 10km * The Asan Hot Spring.